Rilakkuma Bear Nordic Kitchen Re-Ment Blind Box


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Rilakkuma Bear Nordic Kitchen Re-Ment Blind Box

Re-ment is a hugely appealing Japanese collectable, which presents the world in miniature. These adorable pieces, highly favoured in Asia, are also becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Each item is finely detailed, both in colour and quality making them a unique collectors item and a perfect gift for a child over the age of 7 (manufacturers recommendation).  Once purchasing one box, be sure to know you'll want more!! 

Rilakkuma is a cute bear favoured by the Japanese created in 2003!  His name, means when translated  relax (rila) bear (kuma). This Nordic kitchen set is with wooden colour furniture, a picnic set, and coffee machine to name a few! Each piece is unique! 


Each blind box contains 1 box of a series of 8. Each box is a surprise for you to open! 

If ordering more than one box, I will ensure no doubles are sent. If purchasing 8 boxes, I will send the full set.

 Boxes measure 7cmx12cmx5cm each.