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Kawaii gamers...we have you covered for all your gaming needs, from headphones to desk mats!  While Pop culture continues to surge in popularity, gaming seems to be going hand in hand with this fast growing phenomena. We refer to our love of pink, which is central to our love of kawaii culture.  Therefore it seems only necessary to provide merchandise for all you kawaii gamers and satisfy that desire to have all your computer accessories that fit right into your environment, and of course pink aesthetic!  Headphones, keyboards, and many more accessories, we have you covered so that you can shop all in one place for your pink obsession (like us).  

Once your order is placed, it will be processed in 1-3 days. Shipping times vary between 7-20 days, but once it enters country of origin, you will be sent tracking information. 

Should you find that you are not happy with your purchase, please email us and we will reply with 1-3 days so that we can arrange a return/refund.  Should you wish to return item immediately , please return to address listed. 

20 products found in EGirl Merchandise

Plush Flossy Keychain
  • £8.99
Anime Knitted Oversized Japanese Sweater
  • £45.00
Short Sleeve Black E girl T-Shirt With Frilled Sleeves
  • £14.00
2021 Onikuma K9 7.1 Wired RGB Pink Cat Ear Gaming Headset With Microphones For PS4 Gamer
  • From £46.00
E Girl Slouchy Sweater
  • £28.00
Bad Girl Black Heart Fishnet Tights
  • £6.00

Sold out

Onikuma K9 Blue Kitty Headphones 3.5mm Jack
  • £40.00
Bad Girl Skull Fishnets In Black
  • £6.00
Kawaii Gamer Girl Thigh High Socks
  • £5.00
Kitty Gamer Girl Gloves
  • £6.99
Cat Paw Cushion
  • From £0.00


Pink and White Onikuma keyboard and Mouse Set Wired.
  • £65.00
  • From £16.00
2022 Onikuma k9 7.1 Cat Elf Headphones
  • £59.99


Kuromi Cosplay Black Hoody By Sanrio
  • £50.00
  • £35.00
Bad Girl Lace Heart Fishnet Tights
  • £5.00
Babygirl Beanie Hat
  • £15.00
Monotone Heart Print V Neck Cardigan In Black And White
  • £42.00
Pentagram Large Earrings
  • £4.50