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Brand mascot Flossy, is eager to make friends, all the way from harajuku she awaits your companionship! Sweet like candy, this Kawaii bunny is delightful & sprightly! With bright blue eyes & a fluffy cotton tail, she loves to share her favourite treat- candy floss. Her roots are in Takeshita Street, Tokyo where her mum works as in a giant candy floss factory. Flossy also loves to play hide and seek, because she can squeeze into small places and see in the dark! 

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Plush Flossy Keychain
  • £8.99
  • £5.99


Plush Flossy Backpack With Double Kawaii Bow
  • £45.00
  • £35.00
Flossy Unisex Bomber Jacket
  • From £80.00
Flossy Organic cotton t-shirt dress
  • £32.00
Flossy Daisy Fresh Gingham Leggings In Lemon
  • £38.00
Flossy Spring Daisy T-Shirt
  • From £21.00
Flossy Daisy Fresh Gingham Leggings In Baby Pink
  • £38.00
Flossy Daisy Fresh Gingham Leggings in Baby Blue
  • £38.00
Flossy Sweetheart Unisex Hoodie
  • From £59.00
Flossy Sweetheart Unisex T-Shirt
  • From £16.50
Flossy Sweetheart Plus Size Leggings
  • £39.50
Flossy Sweetheart Leggings
  • £38.00
Flossy Samsung Case
  • £19.00
Flossy iPhone Case
  • £19.00
Original Flossy Design Leggings
  • £38.00
Flossy Cotton Candy Unisex Hoodie
  • From £65.00