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It’s no secret that this brand is one the most sought after in Kawaii culture, especially when the items are only around for a certain period and sell out in Japan so fast!  The fairy kei influence features heavily in all the items, by the way of rainbows, hearts, and all things cute.  Heavily inspired by the 80’s, pop culture, artist, Manamoko mixes pastels and cute faces of soft toys, such as bunnies and bears.  Often, a girl wearing her hair in bunches, dressed head to toe in kawaii clothing, looking shy and demure features in her artwork.  

4 products found in Fancy Surprise by Manamoko

Fancy Surprise Badge
  • £6.00

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Happimal T-shirt by Fancy Surprise
  • £35.00

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Fancy Surprise Crossbody Bag in Pink
  • £49.00

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Fancy Surprise Backpack
  • £47.60