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This revolutionary Harajuku brand whose philosophy can be described as NO BOARDERS believes in absolute inclusivity of gender, age,size, orientation and ethnicity. A very welcome message that resonates with young people around the world. Collaborations with Menhera , Powerpuff Girls and Gloomy bear enable this Japanese streetwear brand to share the popularity of Japan pop culture globally. 

30 products found in ACDC RAG

Crazy Sprinkle T-shirt Design Contest Winner ACDC RAG
  • £26.00
Angel Cat Leggings Yumekawa ACDC RAG
  • £15.00
Angel Cat Colourful T-shirt ACDC RAG
  • £24.00
Neon Sweatshirt Kmakici Collaboration Part 2 ACDC RAG
  • £35.00
ACDC RAG x Usagi Baby Blue T-shirt
  • £35.00
ACDC RAG x Kumakichi Parka
  • £50.00
ACDC RAG x Kumakichi and Kintaro Nylon Jacket
  • £50.00
ACDC RAG X Menhera- Chan Collaboration Flare Skirt
  • £32.99
ACDC RAG X Yumi Magical Girl Hoody
  • £50.00
ACDC RAG X Evangelion Pop T-shirt
  • £32.99
ACDC RAG X Evangelion Pop Harajuku Shirt
  • £55.00
ACDC RAG X Menhera-Chan Blue Blood Sub Culture Hooded Jacket
  • £60.00