Ultimate Gamer Girl and E-Girl Aesthetic Checklist

We all know gamers love to co-ordinate their aesthetic into the game, but putting it in simple terms, this is because our style reflects our own personality, which as an electronic girl, she is a vibe in herself. Take for example, a social media enthusiast, who immerses herself into whatever she does, setting trends is all part and parcel of the e-girl that spends a lot of time online. Being tech savvy, not to mention making video's for channels such as Tiktok, Instagram reels, and Twitch, means that having a stylized approach, is all relative to their unique style. Similarly, a gamer girl spends much time in a gaming world, and both these aesthetics are heavily influenced by Asian culture. Anime, Kpop, and Kawaii culture all feature in the aesthetic, to produce a visually pleasing persona. Kawaii Japanese for cute) is a huge influence in todays society, whereby gamers choose to incorporate their look into their game. Colour is key, so if you are a gamer girl, then your pink set up is a must!  That said, these headphones are also available in baby blue, mint and black!

If you are a streamer and play games on twitch, Youtube or Facebook, and want to update your gaming equipment, then we provide gaming merchandise that will enhance your game and aesthetic, without braking the bank. The Onikuma K9 headset with removable cat ears is one of our latest products to be growing in popularity, with its 7.1 surround sound quality and its fashionable design, but also that they do not cause any noise during gameplay, making them ideal for game playing. Do they work with your phone as well? Yes they do. Anymore questions, then please feel free to ask…

Now....trendsetters the e-girl and gamer girl fashion world is an eclectic one, because it mixes up many different styles, from goth, and grunge, to pastel and bright!  Experimentation is key, but more often than not, anime style cartoonish accents are popular, as well as emo, punk and cutesy accents to complete the look. The aesthetic is trending and cool, often featuring black, such as fishnet tights, layered oversized t-shirts pleated skirts, or thigh length socks. Take a look at some of items we put together to help you pick out your favourite pieces, from gamer headphones to plushies, including Flossy, our own pink bunny designed by @mslutra for Plushiepink! Stay Kawaii and game on!