Embracing those Awkward moments

If the truth be known, even the coolest of cucumbers are capable of those embarrassingly red hot 🌶moments when you wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole. No? 👀Don’t tell me you’ve never experienced a time when you’ve waved madly at somebody 👋 who turns out to be a total stranger or your stomach starts growling in a quiet room during an interview? Trust me, we’ve all been there. 


I am a self confessed awkward nerd head on a daily basis. Laughing 🤣 seems to be the best tonic for these face cringing moments generally, even if nobody else in the room is laughing. That cross between a sub conscious feeling of being uncomfortable followed by a reaction of obvious realisation.🤯 Daily life is full of these unfortunate events, sometimes not even your fault, like when a person chats away to you and you’ve no idea where you know them from or when you may have seen them before. Sometimes, I stumble on my words, when I’m maybe nervous or overly enthusiastic about something.

 Frankly, feeling good about yourself, in today’s modern world 🌎 is as important as fresh air. You need to be confident in who you are. Mental health is key. Whilst many of us suffer with feelings of anxiety, and uncertainty, these awkward moments can be more frequent than few and far between. See... I’m doing it now!! Babbling on to conceal my ‘awkwardness’. 💓 Learning to turn around these feelings of embarrassment Is vital for our personal development. Here is a theory, how about ‘you’ appearing to the world, clashing with what is actually ‘you’. Being perceived as a dweeb or whatever else, isn’t ACTUALLY you. Let’s keep it real- closing the gap of who you are and what the world perceived you as is not as easy as we’d like!!


 Laughing at ourselves is probably more important than allowing to believe that others are laughing at our own misfortunes. On a positive note, we can except our own cute idiosyncrasies (peculiarities) and  share our temporary embarrassing moments like a trooper! Embrace your awkwardness. 💗🌸🎀



Love and best wishes